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Serving Others

The PM Family of Companies work hard to serve their clients. PM not only provides property management, but investment and disposition strategies for multifamily real estate as well.

PM directs many aspects of the deal life-cycle, including sourcing, due diligence, financial modeling, financing and capital transaction management, construction oversight, lease up and ongoing management, as well as overall coordination between parties.

Property Management

Property Management

The residential management operations core is the property operations, asset management and due diligence. The personnel structure is extremely efficient due to growth from within that allows decisions to be made at the point of contact (systems) and a team approach that does not lose focus on the "mission" (value based).

The property management team is an integral part of the asset management process. By being involved as or with the asset manager, the property management team is fully equipped to implement the strategies at an operational level on a daily basis. This is critical to today's "asset management" approach. This allows PM not only to run the daily operations, but assist in risk management, property tax, debt evaluation and property value analysis.

Services include:
Transaction Structuring

Transaction Structuring

The right components are the key to forming the best relationships.

PM evaluates the transaction structures (entity / asset and debt / equity) and analyzes their relevancy in the current economic climate. The recommended structuring strategies will align the risks and benefits of the partners in today's marketplace. PM has structure numerous complex transactions; including extensive experience evaluating, stabilizing and repositioning multifamily real estate based on prevailing market conditions.


Acquisitions & Dispositions

The right strategy, timing and execution will maximize returns for any property.

PM seeks fully integrated investments and developments that must have a superior upside, strong potential for capital appreciation and highly positive return on its investment. A properly designed and implemented acquisition strategy is essential to the investment process, as well, the asset must be expertly managed over the holding period or the projected yields will never be achieved.

Services include: