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The PM family of companies is a vertically integrated multifamily operation that invests, owns, develops and manages nationwide. It is the PM approach that separates it from other companies with more than $4.9 billion of experience.

Founders of PM have an outstanding record of success with more than 69,000 units throughout the nation. Whether acquisitions with owners or investors, or value enhanced property and asset management, the name PM is synonymous with multifamily experts.

The PM family of companies is built on the cornerstone of service. We are proud of the services we provide, our talented associates and the positive impact in the communities where we manage.

PM at a Glance

Privately owned company
Principals over 70 years of multifamily experience
Acquired, developed & sold $4.9 billion in multifamily - 69,000
Public, private, and institutional investors & partners
Transparent access & reporting

Giving Our Best to Serve Others

Ensure an optimum return through teamwork for out Investors, Business Partners and Employees.

Investors and Partners

Business Partners


Create lifestyle living environments for our Residents

Great Communities Develop a Sense of Community and Pride

Improve the Comfort, Beauty, and Safety of Each Community we Serve Daily

The PM Family

The PM Family of Companies utilizes an entrepreneurial approach with an institutional infrastructure. We manage our investments directly, resulting in operational control and more efficient business plan execution. Our transparent platform provides the capabilities to successfully execute on all aspects of each investment, including aquisition, finance, asset and property management, financial reporting, and investor relations.

PM Residential Management

The PM approach is to focus on increasing real estate values through sound financial and asset management, while maximizing current returns; such as closely monitoring asset performance, economic and market analysis. PM Priciples have managed over 69,000 units.

PM Real Estate Holdings

PM is a fully integrated real estate investment company focused solely on the multifamily sector. We provide investment opportunities for private investors (domestic and foreign), public and institutional investors through single transactions and strategic funds. We create competitive advantages through our operating platform in deal sourcing, strategy execution and efficient decision-making.


PM Residential Management was established in 1997 in partnership with Praxis Capital. The residential operation has been built on a platform (Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant) that has evolved for over 35 years, in both private adn public companies. The multifamily experience, expertise and track record of the Principals is over 70 years.

Since 1975, PM Principals have enjoyed a reputation for success and integrity in the multifamily housing industry. PM not only approaches each property from the owner’s perspective, but also from the consumer point of view. In our experience with projects in many different cities, one element is constant: the best projects are those in which buyers, sellers, investors, partners, lenders, residents and vendors all benefit. PM strives to achieve that balance in every transaction.


The PM Family of Companies and employees are dedicated to conducting business honestly and ethically wherever PM operates. Integrity must underlie all company relationships, including dealing with partners, investors, residents, vendors, third parties and with each other. The highest standards of ethical business conduct are required of PM employees.

PM meets this commitment through the collective efforts of all PM personnel by following one simple philosophy – always do the right thing.